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Losmandy G11 Cases
I've had a number of people ask me what I use to transport the Losmandy G11 mount.  I have two cases, one for the tripod and one for the equatorial head.  

Tripod Case

The tripod case is made from a Rubbermaid container measuring  32"(l) x 19"(w) x 16"(h).  I bought several sheets of 1.5" thick Styrofoam and made several layers, each cut differently to accommodate the various components of the tripod.  The bottom layer, holds one leg and the complete pillar assembly.  The pillar goes in first, followed by one leg.

Rubbermaid Container Lower Pillar and Leg compartment

The next component is the upper leg assembly, made from 4 layers of Styrofoam with sections cut out of the lower side to allow the leg of the pillar to rest inside it.  In the next two photos, you can see the upper leg assembly removed from the box, and then inside it with the two additional tripod legs inserted.

Upper Leg Assembly

Complete assembly ready to go

All of the Styrofoam was covered with black velvet sticky paper.  It sticks ok, except where the overlap of the joints are.  Here you need to use contact cement to assure that it holds well.

Equatorial  Head Case

The G11 Equatorial case is a Pelican model 1650.  It holds the G11 head, all hardware, an ST-4 CCD autoguider with all cables and CCD head attached, the declination counterweight shaft, and all of the cables and hand controllers.  It weighs 75 lbs, which is not too bad since the case has wheels.