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Southern Milky Way
Evening on Haleakala, Hawaii
This summer I visited Mauii Hawaii and had the chance to drive to the top of the Haleakala  volcano one evening. The drive is about 2 hours from the west coast and you ascend to a lofty 10,034 feet.  


The site is home to several NASA telescopes and satellite tracking facilities.  Needless to say, this was the best sky I had ever seen, and I had a chance to take some photographs of the southern sky.

I brought 4 films with me, Kodak PJ400, Kodak  Supra 400, Kodak Supra 800, Fuji Superia 800 and Kodak Gold 1000.  The following is the best shot.


Date: September 1, 2000
Location: Haleakala Volcano, Mauii Hawaii (10,000 foot elevation)
Temperature: 10 C
Seeing (1-10): 10
Transparency: 10
Dew: None
Equipment: Nikon 20mm AF Lens
f Ratio: 2.8
Film: Kodak Gold 1000
Exposure: Composite of two 30 second shots
Autoguider: Unguided
Remarks: WOW
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